Why everyone loves Javas?

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Hello Foodies,

Guess who is back from their hibernation! Ya it’s me *shy shy*. Anyways, keeping up with writing is more difficult than I thought but I am going to try my best. Now that I am done with my whining let’s get to the main topic.

Javas is like a Nutella jar, everyone loves it! In my opinion one of the reasons for so much love is its consistency. Their quality and quantity have remained constant over the years, it’s like that winged eyeliner that’s always on point and trust me as a girl I know how much time and effort that process takes me.

Anyways coming back to the topic, My favourite meal of the day is breakfast and why is it my favourite? Because I don’t have it often. I am the kind of person who will miss breakfast almost every day to get a few more minutes of sleep. However, call me for a brunch on Saturday or Sunday and I am hoping like a kangaroo right out of my house.  Last weekend, me and my friends decided to go for a brunch and that’s the experience I am sharing with you guys. As usual we were running late so we bashed into Javas and made our order in two minutes, I mean we have tried all the breakfast items by now so we know exactly what we want.

The breakfast included the normal items with a pancake sampler, chicken and waffles, chicken salad croissant and a chocolate fudge indulgence (compulsory dessert) *wink*. We found the waffles were really hard, so we communicated our concerns with the manager and he immediately changed our platter. This is the reason why Javas continues to thrive, they maintain their quality and deliver the best customer experience. The food as usual was amazing, crispy chicken, hot coffee, golden waffles, delicious fries and my favourite carrot juice. If I asked for anything more it would be like going into heaven and complaining there’s too much light.


Until Next time keep drooling people!