Are you a Buffet Person?!

Buffettttttt! Yes that’s what we are talking about today. Buffets are one of those things where people think they have outsmarted restaurants in saving money but well we all know that’s not true. This time we decided to try out the new talk of the town, “Capital Kitchen”. Located in the heart of town, this place offers a variety of different cuisines for you to enjoy, oh and also the menu changes every day so your experience could be completely different from mine.

Anyways, so we went there on a week day, expecting that the crowd won’t be all that crazy, we were wrong and the place was crowded which means waiting time. When it comes to food, there were a variety of options from Chinese, continental, Indian, local food and a variety of sauces. The quality of the food I would say was buffet quality, what I mean by buffet quality is that it was average but because you know it’s a buffet and the food was not going to be that great, you are not really disappointed. The service and ambiance are great, drinks are served at the table and we were even served our dessert at the table.


All in all, the best thing about buffets are the experiences, no struggle to decide what you want to eat, you serve yourself and the availability of choices. I mean, if a buffet is only 20,000sh how can you even complain. So #Kampala let’s go and eat all we can, till this amazing offer lasts.

Just to add, they are now introducing sushi and breakfast buffets as well. The Breakfast buffets are only 12,000sh, WOW! I am a hardcore brunch person and after my last article, I really wanted to try sushi again. Hence, I will definitely be going for a second round to capital kitchen, comment below and share with me your buffet options.


I was too busy piling up my plate so all the photos on this page are from the Capital Kitchen Facebook page.