Easter Lunches & Brunches

Hi Guys,

Guess who’s back! Yeah that’s right meee! And guess what else is coming back, Yas! Easter! Now despite Easter being a religious holiday, I think a lot of us are excited about the 4 days we get off from work and school. I think this is the time when a lot of people travel but if you are like me and you are here in Kampala I think it’s mandatory that we look at a few restaurants that are offering mouth-watering deals, please note these deals are not in any kind of order so do read till the end:

Number 1: Golf Course Hotel

These guys are having a live band, Flash Band at the pool on 20th April 2019. And pepo, listen well because entry is FREE! Well, However the hotel needs to make money so you have to buy your own food. Good News, the food menu is out so you can budget before hand with food ranging between 25,000ugx-30,000ugx. Don’t forget to budget for the beer offer 5 for 25,000ugx.

Number 2: The Lawns

This one is the perfect family lunch option. The lawns is providing a 3 course meal for 70,000ugx per adult and 50,000ugx per child. A group of 8 and above get an extra 10% discount. So while you sit with your friends, with your shades and a cocktail in one hand, your children will be busy with the bouncing castle and face painting. If you look at it 50,000ugx does not seem a big price to pay to get some time away from your kids.

Number 3: Capital Kitchen

Capital Kitchen got quite some attention after being the first restaurant to serve only buffets morning to evening throughout the year. And they are back with their all you can eat buffet at 20,000ugx. With all the delicacies from Chinese, Indian, continental and Ugandan food, this one is definitely worth its money.

Number 4: La Cabana


La Cabana is hosting a BBQ brunch on Sunday 21st April 2019. There are two price points you can choose from with the Easter Classic at 99,000ugx and the Easter Premium at 149,000ugx. Both packages include a glass of champagne (wohooo…this just got fancy), salad bar, a variety of meats and a special Easter dessert. Oh and before I forget there is also free access to the pool so you can burn all those calories and go back and eat more.

Number 5: Kabira Country Club


Source: ttps://thumbnails.trvl-media.com/zftKP9gKYhwTKgJvqs_BbN1qusc=/773×530/smart/filter

Here comes another Sunday Brunch. Kabira country club is hosting its brunch at 60,000ugx for adults and 30,000 for kids. This one I won’t lie looks quite attractive with the live salad and pasta bars, there is much more for you to explore with the different breads, condiments, sauces, desserts and a special kids food area (not like kids eat that much anyways, but it’s thoughtful). The price also includes activities like face painting, live roast, live band, jumping castle and egg hunt.

Number 6: Sheraton Hotel

Sheraton has your Easter Sunday needs in check as well. They are providing an Easter lunch at 120,000ugx for adults and 60,000ugx for kids at the Seven Seas Restaurant. A glimpse of what you can find there: wood fired pizzas, char-grilled muchomos (the winner right here) and other Ugandan and Asian dishes. You can also expect a live band and fun activities for children.

Number 7: Golden Tuplip Hotel

Make way for another Sunday Brunch at Canaan lounge & Terrace. This one goes at 99,000ugx for adults and 45,000ugx for kids with free swimming and a bouncing castle.

Number 8: Silver Springs Hotel

The last one on my list is Silver Springs Hotel, this place actually has a buffet every Sunday so how can they be left behind on Easter. The tickets go for ugx 40,000 per person with fun activities like bouncing castles and swimming for your children. Their menu includes salads, a long list of Ugandan dishes (when I say long I mean really long I think I was able to count at least 20+ dishes) and dessert of course.

That’s it guys hope you enjoyed reading and I have contributed in your Easter planning. Share with your friends and comment below sharing your Easter plans! HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!